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Soccer (M)
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2019-2020 Archives

Oct. 10, 2019:Congrats to Paul Bobai for Leading our Men's Lancer Soccer Team to 4-3 victory over USC Salkenhathie and Capping off with a Golden Goal in OT to complete his Hat Trick
Sep. 12, 2019:Concrats to Martin Cruz Scores a PK on his Birthday!!!!!!
Sep. 4, 2019:2019 USCL Soccer Study Hall
Aug. 29, 2019:Mason Green Scoring his First College Hat Trick, Jacob Fillmore, Paul Bobia, Cam Vincent all scored Goals!!!!!!!!
Aug. 26, 2019:Congrats to Jocob Fillmore and Jonathan Baker for Scoring thier First College Goals!!!!!!
Aug. 20, 2019:Congrats to Our Newest Men's Captain Charlie Chastaine
Aug. 17, 2019:Congrats to Our Newest Captain's Jacob Catoe and Darren Pierce
Aug. 1, 2019: USCL Men's Soccer Announces 2019 Captain's Roman Thiessen, Curtis Johnson, Paul Bobi
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2018-2019 Archives

June 24, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Comittment of Reece Bonnett from Loris High School
June 10, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Signing of Cam Vincent from Andrew Jackson High School
May 20, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces a Great Signing Day for Matt Gurley, Ryan Jones and Tanner Martin from Clover High School
May 13, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Signing of Jonathan Baker from Lancaster High School
May 10, 2019:2019 Men's Lancer Announces Signing of Jesse Black from Buford High School
May 6, 2019:A special Thanks for Allowing Lancers Soccer to Volunteer with Lancaster County Special Olympics
Apr. 22, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Signing of Jacob Cato from Lancaster High School
Mar. 19, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Signing of Marcus Mathis from North Augusta High School
Feb. 25, 2019:2019 Mens Lancer Announces Signing of Dylan Faile from York Preparatory High School
Feb. 7, 2019:2019 Men's Lancers Announces Signing of Jacob Fillmore, Darren Pierce, Byrson Jones from Berkeley High School
Jan. 29, 2019:2019 Men Lancers Announces Signing of Logan Lambert from Indian Land High School